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ALERT Being Award is an award to recognize the Good Samaritans who have made a difference to individual life or to the society at large by impacting and saving lives.The award is aimed to honour humanity demonstrated by individuals or institutions when life was endangered. With a firm faith in the adage - goodness begets goodness – the award is also aimed at being an inspiration to many more Good Samaritans who are just around the corner needing the same.

The cause of saving lives is extremely relevant to the state of India which consistently ranks in the top 5 in the country in number of deaths due to emergencies (including road traffic accidents), top 5 in the number of deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest and increasingly being known as the heart attack capital of the world.

The larger purpose of the powerful platform – ALERT Being Award is to drive home the urgent need for preparedness and inspire the Good Samaritan in every individual. This platform is certainly pioneering effort in that direction.

This is an award to recognize Real life heroes - Good Samaritans who have gone out of their way to save lives or have created a lasting impact on the lives of others.

How to Apply

please fill out the online application form. Kindly contact Mr. Dileep (9620387654) for any queries.

Individual Nomination Organization Nomination

Who Can Apply

You can nominate yourself or someone you know first hand

Individual Category

  • Indian citizen
  • Anyone who has saved a lives or created life saving impact for others.Please see the
    videos of our previous year awardees to get a better idea (Link)
  • Age , gender & Profession - no bar
  • Beneficiary should not be related to the nominee
  • First aid knowledge not mandatory

Organisation Category

Any employee of the organisation can apply on behalf of the organisation

  • Companies / Educational institutions / NGOs.
  • Indian organisation / MNC with presence in India.
  • Organisation should have a project / initiative that saves lives with measurable
  • The project / initiative must be in healthcare / safety domain.
  • The project / initiative nominated should not have any commercial motive or should not
    yield monetary returns. Ex : CSR initiatives, employee safety & health programmes, etc.
  • The beneficiaries of the project / initiative can be employees, customers and the
    general public.
  • The project / initiative should be sustainable & long term (not one-time effort) with
    measurable and profound impact.
  • The impact / beneficiaries should be within India.
Individual Nomination Organization Nomination

The jury members for the ALERT Being Awards are distinguished members of the society and great philanthropists who have created positive impact in the society around them. The notable members come from different domains of life and bring with them immense expertise and experience.

Shakeel Akhtar IPS
IGP - Head Quarters Chennai
Dr. J. S. Rajkumar
Chairman & Chief Laparoscopic Surgeon- LIMA & Rigid Group of Hospitals
Nawabzada Mohammed Asif Ali
Heir Apparent and Dewan to Prince of Arcot
Ms. Veena Kumaravel
Founder - Naturals Group of Salons
Mr. Sujith Kumar
Founder - Maatram Foundation

Highlights from ALERT Being Awards 2017

  • Honoured 20 heroes (Individuals & organisations) across various walks of life.
  • Few prominent recipients are Ms. Suhasini Maniratnam, Inspector Kumar, Pappa Vidyaakar
    of Udhavum Karangal, SPI cinemas, Cognizant Foundation, etc.
  • Grand award ceremony held at The Residency Towers, T. Nagar, Chennai
  • Ceremony graced by Guest of Honours of the likes of Shri. Venkat Changavalli - Advisor
    to Governments of Meghalaya & Haryana, Mr. Davidar IAS - Transport Secretary,
    Dr. J Radhakrishnan IAS - Principal Health Secretary for Government of Tamilnadu, Mr.
    Shakeel Akhtar IPS, Justice Mr. B Rajendran, Mr. Bhagwan Singh, Chief Editor - Deccan
    Chronicle, Ms. Bharathi Baskar - Orator & VP - Citibank, Mr. Raja - Orator, etc.

  • ALERT Being Awards 2017 – Mr.Peter Van Geit

    ALERT Being Awards 2017 – Mr.Peter Van Geit
  • ALERT Being Awards 2017 – Mr. Kannan Sundararajan

    ALERT Being Awards 2017 – Mr. Kannan Sundararajan
  • ALERT Being Awards 2017 – Mr. RadhaKrishnan

    ALERT Being Awards 2017 – Mr. RadhaKrishnan
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