alert VoICE – Lalitha

alert VoICE – Lalitha

Name : Lalitha Veronica

VoICE ID : ALTN000582LV/2020

Incident Handling On : 11/12/2019

Incident Location : Ambattur,Chennai,Tamilnadu

VoICE Registration

Today morning I was on the way to my office near Ambattur estate signal opposite side inside the road there was a group of people seeing that I crossed them without noticing the victim but on the way crossing I heard an auto driver having a conversation with his collie that it was an accident hearing that I went back to that crowded place it was two-step far from the crowded place seeing the victim I was stunned and shivering even though I thought to go back but I made myself understand to overcome my fear and save the victim.

Then I asked a person in the crowd what happened they explained me the situation that there was an forced bike clash and the victim got hit by the opposite vehicle and he was fallen down I made myself understand what has happened and I started to follow the protocol I assigned a task to a person to call ambulance and an other person to dnt allow any one near me still the ambulance come and they I sat near the victim he was in the prone position I put him in the supine position then I checked for response there was no response from his side and I checked the vital functioning there was no vital functioning then I made myself clear what should I do I started the CPR after 15 compression i couldn’t able to continue but eventhough I don’t wanna give up so I just made myself and i was doing the CPR then I used my cotton cloth to cover the victim mouth to give the breath then at the end of the second compression the victim gasped and I got scared and then the victim started to breath his vital was working then he started to get scared and move his body part I holded his hand and made him calm by making him understand he is okay now then I said him that I need to put him in the recovery position so that he can able to breath properly he slighty tillted his head as an answer for what I have asked then at the time.

I put him in the recovery position the ambulance came the people In the ambulance took him but I couldn’t explain the people in the ambulance that what has happened and what I have done but the person one who was helping me by not allowing any people around me went with the victim and then I sat in that place for 10 – 15 mins to make myself calm bcoz I was shivering and still I couldn’t able to believe that I saved someone after 15 min I had some water and took my vehicle by that time the people who were around were congratulating me and then I took my vehicle and moved to the office.

By Lalitha veronica

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