alert VoICE – Santhosh Shankar


alert VoICE – Santhosh Shankar

I was early to my class one day; I was sitting alone when suddenly few of my classmates entered into the classroom in an odd manner. I saw that one of my friends was looking like he was about to faint. All the other classmates were trying to help him. They were helping him by rubbing his palm and leg. They removed his shirt as he began to breathe abnormally. I advised them to let him lie down on the floor and stopped them from giving him anything to drink. At that moment I was overcome with panic as I felt helpless. But I soon remembered the recovery position taught to me in the ALERT training, and I turned over my classmate on to the side.

In the meantime, I also had instructed my friend to call the ambulance (24*7 ambulance service available inside our university campus). When the ambulance arrived, I introduced myself as a certified First responder and explained what happened (in brief) in the classroom. He was then taken to the nearest hospital. I am happy that I was able to remember what to do in such emergency situations, all thanks to Team Alert.

By Santhosh Shankar

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