Alertathon 2020 — The World’s First Virtual Endurance Event for Saving Lives

Today, the world we live in has drastically changed. We can’t do most things we could, like hug, shake hands or visit our friends. We take these precautions in order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Even under these circumstances, we didn’t lose connection with our families, friends and peers. We stayed in touch with virtual conversations, meetings and social media greetings. We as a species have adapted to unforeseen circumstances and come out stronger and sharper than before. 

Being prepared gives us an upper hand in overcoming any situation we encounter. By actively seeking to be prepared on understanding first aid or disaster management skills, we skip out on the ability to be just a bystander. We try to empower the common man with the skills of first aid so that they can intervene and Save Lives. 

Why Prepare?

We’ve always heard prevention is better than cure. First aid becomes an important tool in preventing things from worsening. If one is equipped with skills of first aid, they can prevent situations from worsening and help in saving lives. It’s also said that being calm and helpful towards victims provides them with hope and comfort before other emergency medical services arrive and take over. To continue in their journey of spreading awareness and necessity for first-aid, this year, we intend to raise the stakes.

What’s ALERT?

ALERT is a volunteer-driven NGO that believes in the power of first aid and works towards a better emergency care eco system. Our purpose is to bring more attention to the effectiveness of first aid and emergency care awareness in our daily lives, in order to make ‘Right to Life’, a reality. Know more:


ALERTATHON 2020 — Bigger, Wider & Better

Over the span of the last few years, we have been organizing an endurance event — ALERTATHON, to raise awareness and train people in first aid and emergency care awareness. With 5 editions to this endurance event, that has always attracted over 1000 enthusiastic participants and families, the traction we have gained and the number of people involved has been on the rise. As an event in its previous editions, the running community in Chennai rate it to be amongst the top 5 well-organised runs.

As the pandemic has halted most sporting events around the world, we’ve taken up the challenge and have tried to expand our horizons. By going virtual and 100% decentralized, the participants of ALERTATHON 2020 get a chance to participate in this endurance event in their own city, at their own pace and in their own time, as this would be the World’s First Virtual Endurance Event to Save Lives. 

ALERATHON still has the same mission though – to use sports as a means to reach out to fitness enthusiasts; walkers, runners, and cyclists, and raise awareness about the importance of emergency care and first aid. But this time, our cause wouldn’t be limited to one event in a single city.

ALERTATHON 2020 can be participated in through three disciplines: Running, Walking and Cycling; and is open to people across the globe. The event during its course would coincide with World First Aid Day, on Saturday, 12th September 2020.

The new ALERTATHON will bind everyone in spirit through this decentralized and yet closely bound global event. Nothing is going to stand in our way, no one’s skipping out on #ALERTATHON2020. We are going #biggerwiderbetter.

How ALERTATHON 2020 Will Unfold?

Location: Global

Venue: Virtual

Disciplines: Running, Walking & Cycling

Schedule: September 9th-13th, 2020

As an event stretched over 5 days, the possibility to join in is at your convenience. Every participant has the opportunity to learn about various first aid and life saving skills through a series of webinars and educational web content. Make sure you register for this first of a kind event to Save Lives and be a torch-bearer of this noble cause.

As a virtual event, participants would have to submit the details of their activity from apps such as MapMyRun, Fitbit or Apple Watch among others. You can find the list of supported apps here. After you submit your activity, you can see your position on the leaderboard and reports on the HDOR app after you create an account.

Every participant would be awarded an e-certificate that would display the distance they completed and Saving Lives modules based on completion. For participants in India, a souvenir T-shirt and medals would be awarded as well, if opted for.

Alertathon 2020 T-shirt Launch

Registration for ALERTATHON 2020 is NOW OPEN.  To register, please visit