The grand alliance of two organisations with noble ideals.

ROTARY, a voluntary service organization of International Repute with members all over the globe, has a vibrant and active membership of over 5000 like-minded individuals in Chennai, In 2014-15, as part of a far-sighted initiative, launched the Fellowship of Fitness Loving Rotarians, – similar to many such Fellowships around the world.

The aim was to introduce and encourage Rotarians and their families to take care of THEMSELVES too, in matters of physical and mental health apart from rendering service to society.

The founding team led by Chairperson Mala Vijaykumar a health and fitness enthusiast herself, spurred on the movement with gusto organizing and conducting health awareness talks and monthly fitness events with many members and families participating enthusiastically, and realizing the benefits of good health and fitness on a regular basis.

While most of these events were organized and conducted by the team of Rotarians led by Mala, it was felt that associating with like-minded service organisations would yield additional benefit, and thus the connection with ALERT was made. Being a pioneering NGO in the vital First Responder/ First Aid space, ALERT was already doing yeoman service to society. It was a synergy of sorts with Rotary providing their talents, resources and organizational backing to take the partnership to greater heights.

To further this partnership, the participation of Rotary in ALERTATHON, the flagship event of ALERT was initiated in 2016 and since then Rotary has been a major partner in the subsequent ALERTATHONs held annually

Saving lives and creating a better society is one of the primary objectives of Rotary and to fulfill this

FFLR,( as a Rotary Fellowship)  deems it a privilege and pride to be associated with ALERT, each partner bringing their unique strengths, resources & talents to the joint venture thereby doing more for society

Under the current circumstance, ALERTATHON 2020 is going to be a virtual event, and this gives greater possibilities of increasing the reach and participation of Rotarians, given that there are over 1.2 Million Rotarians all over the world.  The prospects of a large-scale awareness, participation, encouragement, and support to ALERT from Rotary International is enormous and the opportunities are enormous.

With the active support and dedicated efforts of the FFLR Team, this flagship event will emerge as a truly international partnership leading to mutual benefit and in turn serve the international community