Alertathon 2020 – How to participate in the virtual event?

Dear Participants

ALERTATHON 2020 event window is just 2 days away and we are very excited to have your support and enthusiasm to join our mission.

This blog contains a few instructions to help you stay connected with the event and I request you to closely follow them.

How to participate in the virtual event? (more details are given in the sections below)

  1. Complete your HDOR platform setup
  2. Link your running | walking | ride tracking application (like STRAVA)
  3. Between 9-13th Sep, record any activity (walk or run or ride) using your GPS device or a GPS based Mobile Tracking App (like STRAVA), any number of times in a day, and anywhere in the world.  Your activities will be synchronized with the HDOR platform you have connected in step number 2.
  4. You can optionally report your activities manually on the HDOR platform if you don’t use any devices.
  5. View the HDOR ALERTATHON dashboard to see everyone participating in ALERTATHON 2020.

Complete your HDOR platform setup & Link your STRAVA account

Please watch this video which explains the process if you need some assistance.

  1. Login to your HDOR account here | If you do not have any existing HDOR account, create one.
  2. After login, to link the ALERTATHON event, go to Menu > Settings > Complete Event Registration section and apply your registration code sent to you separately.  Please write to us if you need any help with your code.
  3. Fill in the required details being asked.
  4. That’s it, your registration for the event is now complete! & you will receive an email confirmation.
  5. Visit our website FAQ’s to learn more about the HDOR

New to virtual events?

Suppose you are very new to VIRTUAL EVENTS. In that case, we strongly recommend you to install STRAVA (a mobile GPS based walking / running/riding tracking application on your phone and use it during the five days ALERTATHON 2020 window. 

Connect your STRAVA account?

Please visit your HDOR Settings Connected App Connect with STRAVA.

Note your STRAVA activities privacy setting must be set to PUBLIC to synchronize all your activities to the HDOR system.

Already using other tracking applications?

Check out the HDOR NEW USER page to learn more about other supported tracking applications.

There are plenty of video resources available for you to understand the HDOR platform here

Go through the Rules and FAQ section to ensure that you do not miss any essential instructions regarding the event.

What can you do more?

Apart from participating in ALERTATHON 2020, You can now contribute to the fund-raising campaign to raise Rs. 3,75,000/- (USD 5000), to train 100 VoICE (Volunteers In Case Of Emergency) by visiting the online campaign here → 

Contribute to the development of Volunteers In Case Of Emergency

Exciting ALERTGALA night & ALERTATHON 2020 – 5 days celebrations

Our team is working together to provide a fabulous virtual event experience starting ALERTGALA on the 8th evening with our opening ceremonies.   During the 5 days event window (9-13th Sep) you will find several opportunities to be part of various panel discussions, educational sessions, fun &  entertainment evenings.  Most importantly, you will find ways to learn many aspects of first-aid and CPR, expert talks and inspiring stories from first-responders.

Stay connected and do not miss any event notifications.

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Ask for help!

For any virtual platform / HDOR issues, please contact us at [email protected] 

Any ALERTATHON 2020 queries or to explore volunteering avenues: [email protected] 

Your health and safety is our primary concern.

ALERTATHON 2020 is a virtual run & ride event. Running and cycling could be very exciting; however, they also pose several medical risks. We want you to have a most memorable, safe, and beautiful event participation experience for all the runners & riders across all age groups.

Therefore, we request every participant to carefully follow and understand the event rules, exercise-related medical warnings, and risks to enjoy the experience comfortably and safely.

Proper walking, running, or riding etiquette is expected at all times, including maintaining awareness of your surroundings, following road traffic rules, wearing helmets, especially during the COVID-19 and lockdown times.  Please ensure all minors wear proper safety gear, and are properly accompanied by adults.

Have a wonderful day ahead of you, and happy learning first-aid!

Coach Kay, Founder & ultramarathon coach, KaysFIT Academy

Event Director, ALERTATHON 2020

ALERT Global VoICE Ambassador