About IIT-Madras & DMC Association


We grow, we learn and we join hands to go even further. 

And this year, ALERT is proud to partner with the Indian Institute of Technology – Madras (IIT-M) Disaster Management Committee (DMC) for the 10th edition of ALERTATHON

The DMC aligns with ALERT’s vision, conducting awareness campaigns to instill safety consciousness among IIT-M campus residents. Active in setting disaster preparedness standards, DMC offers training sessions, workshops on first aid, emergency medical care, self-defense, and fire safety drills campus-wide. With over 20 certified coordinators in emergency medical care and 20 active volunteers, they’ve trained approximately 3,000 students in Emergency Medical Care and nearly 500 in Krav Maga self-defense techniques.

About IIT-M

The IIT-M campus needs very little introduction. The 617 acres campus holds a rich heritage. Once part of Guindy National Park, it remains a protected forest, home to diverse wildlife including blackbucks, chitals, and bonnet macaque monkeys.

The campus features distinct zones for academic buildings, hostels, faculty residences, and recreational facilities, fostering a vibrant residential community. Bonn Avenue and Delhi Avenue serve as the main thoroughfares, intersecting at Gajendra Circle near the Administrative Block. Regular bus services connect various zones, facilitating convenient transportation for students and staff.

Experience ALERTATHON inside the IIT-M campus

Whether you’re participating to enjoy the lush IIT-M campus, or gunning for a PB, prepare for an exhilarating experience at ALERTATHON.

The IIT-M campus provides an serene backdrop for participants of all cadres. With a flat, picturesque 5km loop, achieving your fitness objectives becomes effortlessly enjoyable amidst the serene natural beauty.