ALERTATHON 2022 Rules terms and conditions

ALERTATHON 2022 participation

ALERTATHON 2022 participants should conduct themselves courteously, respect all fellow participants, volunteers, event staff, and community members, and follow the Rules of Event as outlined on the “Rules” and “FAQ” pages on the event website

Cancellations, Transfers & refunds

Contributions to ALERT’s cause

100% of your contributions will be used for ALERT NGO’s causes and the amount paid is non-refundable.

The money you contribute will be used for a significant and charitable cause that Alert is working on, which is to train and educate on First-Aid and CPR procedures. Please note your entry ticket can not be cancelled or transferred to another person.

Safety of all participants

ALERTATHON 2023 is a hybrid event with the virtual event between 8-Oct to 16-Oct and the physical events in Chennai and Coimbatore. Running and cycling could be very exciting; however, they also pose several medical risks. Our primary goal is to wish a most memorable, safe, and beautiful event participation experience for all the runners & riders across all age groups. Therefore, we request every participant to carefully follow and understand the event rules, exercise-related medical warnings, and risks to enjoy the experience comfortably and safely.

Proper walking, running, or riding etiquette is expected at all times, including maintaining awareness of your surroundings, following road traffic rules, wearing helmets, especially during the COVID-19 and lockdown times, and the instructions provided to you by the event director.

You know that walking, running, or cycling can be physically demanding and dangerous to your body and health. You take full responsibility for participating in the ALERTATHON event and do not hold the ALERT NGO or any of its members or entities responsible for any injury or accident.

If the participant is a minor, he/she must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

T-Shirts & Medals

The medals and T-Shirts delivery option is available only for those living in India and signed up for the Virtual event format only.  Your T-Shirt and Medal shipment will be initiated after 20-Oct, and it may take up to 20 days for you to receive them. Only one courier package will be sent to the Co-Ordinator of Groups ordering T-Shirts or Medal.

You will receive your T-Shirt as part of your Goodie bag at the ALERTATHON expo at Chennai and Coimbatore and your finisher medal at the finish line of the physical events. 

HDOR virtual platform usage

By contributing to ALERT’s cause and joining the Save Lives Virtual Event, you also agree to the rules published by the HDOR virtual platform for reporting your virtual walk/run/ride details.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

The ALERTATHON participants may not engage in any verbal, written, or actual misconduct that is abusive, harassing, insulting, or offensive, even if it does not fall within the prohibitions outlined in the Rules of Event.

Regular data reporting

ALERTATHON participants will try to ensure that they regularly submit their daily run/walk/ride data so that the event leaderboards are up to date daily. They should always be mindful of the event submission window (between 8-Oct to 16-Oct) to ensure that they do not have missed data in the system since submitting data post the window mentioned above (inclusive of the actual walk/run/ride data) is not allowed.

Honesty with data reporting

All the ALERTATHON participants will submit all walk/run/ride data accurately and honestly. They must not copy another participant’s data and report it as theirs, even if they had run with the other runner but did not have any valid data proof. Using another person’s GPS data is not acceptable for the participants to show as their data.