Emergency Response - When you need it at the most

Awareness Programmes

The national daily reports – “Kumar, aged 25 bled to death as he was left unattended after an accident on the road. It was too late by then time he could be rushed to the hospital.” What would you have done had you been at the scene? What if Kumar was someone known to you?

We are sure you understand the pain of such a loss, just as ALERT does. Doctors say 75% of such emergencies could have been saved.

Do you know what to do?Let’s say …

  • You are at home and you suddenly find your child choke on an object that he has swallowed
  • Or you are at your workplace and your colleague suffers a sudden cardiac arrest
  • Or you are out in the unbearable heat and you suddenly find your aging father faint, unable to take the heat

Well, these are just a few things that could be just round the corner. We certainly are not here to scare you but to urge you to be in preparedness for such eventualities.

Did you know?

  • India has the highest number of Road Traffic Accidents in the world.
  • About 4280 for every 1 lakh people die out of sudden cardiac arrest in India.

The chance of survival upon incidence is less than 1% Clearly, there is a greater need to sensitize ourselves and open our minds to empathize. ALERT understands the crucial role of sensitizing people towards this preparedness because; people are blind to it until suddenly such a situation stares right into the face.

Motivating Factors

The wish, to see a more willing society that springs to action when a life is in danger whether on the road, or home, or workplace or just about anywhere.

The dream, to see the immediate availability of first aid, including CPR and other simple life saving techniques, becoming a reality.

The wish, to remove the myths and the inhibitions in rescuing or saving a person’s life.

ALERT’s Sensitizing Programs in Emergency Response

ALERT conducts Sensitizingprogrammes in emergency response with the following objectives

  • Sensitize the need for a lay person to get trained
  • Instill the belief that one can do their part to save a life

ALERT does through various events such as

  • Mass public events
  • Roadshows
  • Puppet shows
  • Flash mobs
  • Sensitization workshops for public

ALERTAwareness workshop in Emergency Response

ALERT conducts awareness programmes in emergency response with the following objectives

  • Introduce participants to International concepts in Emergency Response
  • Demonstrate the international protocols in rendering emergency response
  • Demonstrate the internationally recommended techniques

The Awareness workshop would include the following

  • Inhibition to Render Assistance – a peep into recent amendments in Indian Law
  • Chain of Survival
  • Basic Life Support – Theory and Demonstration
  • Recovery Position – Theory and Demonstration
  • Common Medical Emergencies – Bleeding, Fracture and Choking – Theory and Demonstration