Be alert - பாதுகாப்பான பணி , இதுவே இயல்பு இனி

Be ALERT, which is a holistic program meant for your Leadership, Management, Employees/Associates and their Families.


To orient people on embracing the new normal - A topdown and a bottoms-up approach in its new dimension.


To enable a new culture, wherein Safety is not the job of just one department but a collective responsibility.


To transform individual behaviour at a personal, familial and professional levels of human capability.


To support compliance by making essential tools and materials available to decision makers, HR&ER departments and everyone.

BE ALERT - BASIC (Employees & Management)

BE ALERT - BASIC is a fundamental awareness programme designed to empower an individual (All employees across all the cadres) on how to protect themselves and their colleagues from the possible infection of COVID-19.

1 hour Webinar

Separate Programs for employees & management

Do’s & Don’ts in Personal Hygiene & Social Distancing

All the basic prevention procedures will be covered

Beginner’s Program

For support and enquiry about BE ALERT Basic program

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Topics Covered in BE ALERT - BASIC

Social Distance

Social Distancing & Personal Hygiene



Office Permises

Care @ Office Premises

World of data

Current Scenario of COVID-19 in INDIA

Myth Busters

Myth Busters