Corporate Partnerships

ALERT provides a great opportunity for collaboration with the corporate world and offers a large platform for adopting effective projects in the emergency response management space.

Why Partner with ALERT

Uniqueness of the Cause

ALERT offers a platform for CSR engagement where not many are doing development work. Emergency Response Management, as an area of focus is very specific and the need is huge. This makes the project very unique. Any work in this space would be pioneering.

We are transparent

ALERT, a process driven NGO is committed to being transparent in all its activities specially the ones financial in nature. Our financials are prepared periodically and have been so for over a decade. As an organization, we are mandated to carry out financial audits which we follow very diligently.

We adopt good governance

We manage and monitor our projects stringently to ensure efficient utilization of funds. Projects are also regularly assessed by professionals to measure progress against plans. Meetings with project staff and beneficiary groups help us gauge progress.

We stand for Lasting Change

ALERT’s approach towards solving issues and enabling change surrounding emergency response carries a long term focus. The issue pertaining to lack of knowledge is efficiently addressed through training programmes with an attitude to “teach them how to fish rather than giving them fish”. Also, the issue pertaining to emergency care eco system involves ALERT working closely with various stakeholders in bettering the system

  • Give your brand visibility
  • Partnering with us,be a part of our endeavour to make lasting change
  • Enhance your brand image and be known as a socially conscious organization
  • Give employees the chance to make a difference

Adopt a Project

ALERT acts as a link between you and your selected project. We are responsible for monitoring its working. ALERT also continues to provide non-financial inputs to the project, like training, technical expertise, build capacity, communication and campaign support.

When you adopt a project, you can choose to support an entire project or just a part of it, based on its area of focus. For example, ALERT has delivered specifically designed customized projects like ALERT @ Neelankarai, WoW (Women only Workshops), research and development of content etc. Some organisations have chosen projects near their plants. Others have focused on projects delivered at the simulation lab.

For more information on partnering with ALERT or to meet aALERT representative, please contact the ALERT office or write to us at [email protected]

Employee Engagement

By partnering with ALERT, the employees of your organization can be engaged in bringing about a culture of safety. Employees can be trained in emergency response at various levels of skill required, who could act during in-house emergency situations. Also, employees can take part in projects adopted by your organization such as spreading awareness in the immediate neighborhood of your local area of operation or be part of yearlong events organized by ALERT, to effectively utilize employee hours for social change/volunteering.

Marketing a Cause

As a corporate, you can use your marketing channels for innovative ways to support ALERTs efforts. You can focus on what you do best - marketing, and you help ALERT in the process. If India were to become as good as the developed world in handling medical emergencies, public participation is vital. For that, more people need to know about the cause and their role in it.

Payroll Giving

As a corporate house you can give the individuals in your organisation the opportunity to make a difference to the cause of caving lives. This encourages participation and enhances corporate morale too.

ALERT's 'payroll giving' is a simple and effective option. The company's employees contribute by sanctioning an automatic deduction from their monthly salaries towards ALERT. This eliminates paper work and makes the donation process easy and hassle-free. Of course, to put this option into effect would require the consent and participation of both, the management and employees.

Event Sponsorships

Over the years ALERT has initiated, launched and organised events to amplify the need for getting trained in emergency response. Events form an integral part of ALERT as it enables us to create awareness on the ‘not so good’ situation in India when it comes to people losing lives in an emergency.

These events take different formsranging from large scale awareness programmes, flash mobs, street plays, to online and offline campaigns etc. Our campaigns have always involved the public, our citizens. Your support is crucial to bring about social change through a mindset change in people in handling emergencies.

Underwriting ALERT’s expenses

In any organisation there are several operational costs incurred in managing and maintaining the organisation and its activities. Some of these costs can be underwritten by corporate houses or individuals.

At ALERT, we incur costs such as information technology, office furniture, basic amenities, cost of travel, trainings, and so on. By partnering with ALERT to underwrite our organisational expenses, it allows us to focus on our programmes, thereby joining us in our endeavour to create lasting change.