Meet Selvi, a young villager of India. On an unprecedented occasion, her best friend, Ganesh, had met with a rural road accident. Her village is well-connected and resourceful with neighbouring towns, albeit, there is only one Public Health Centre (PHC) or Government hospital to cater to the medical needs of a group of villages. And, the distance between villages and nearby PHCs range from 3 to 26 kms. Two to three ambulances have been allotted to one village cluster for rescuing victims during medical emergencies. As a result, on intimation, the ambulance paramedics struggle to arrive at the accident location on time.

Her friend was visibly suffering on the road and she felt helpless. She knelt by his injured body, anxiously looking at her watch and repeatedly dialling people for help. When her friend became still with no visible sign of life, a tear broke out, sliding onto her cheeks, and she said, “If only I knew something... anything that I can do to relieve my beloved friend from his pain”.

Many common people in villages like are not empowered to act with the confidence of certified knowledge of First Response during medical emergencies. Thus, was born ALERT Cellphone Radio, our earnest attempt at ensuring ‘Right to Life’ a reality in every Indian Rural Household!


Welcome to Alert Awareness Cellphone Radio

Alert Awareness Cellphone Radio is a two-way communication IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) that disseminates accurate First-Aid information about medical emergencies like cardiac arrests, fits, snake bites, etc. to people living in those rural towns, villages and localities of India who do not have access to smartphones and internet.

Even a missed call can save lives. Click here -
9582044666 to hear our Curated Content on Emergency Response!

When a citizen makes a missed call to the Alert awareness cellphone radio phone number, s/he receives an automated call back that plays a soulful, fun-filled, curated content that

  • Unpacks: the truth behind common misconceptions of medical emergencies
  • Helps alleviate: fears and inhibitions and,
  • Substitutes: Substitutes them with accurate, technical know-how of First Response

One Call Away

By dialling this number, rural people as well as city-dwellers can gain quick access to our effective, curated lessons on First-Aid anywhere and at any time.



Prioritizing Listener’s Convenience

Rural workers, who are unable to find time for training sessions, can pause and play ALERT Cellphone Radio multiple times over a span of days.

Expelling Medical Myths

We do away with people’s outlandish superstitions like applying yogurt and herbal remedies to life-threatening wounds that require proper medical attention, and remove stigma around emergency care.



Illiteracy is No Barrier

The citizens of our country, who have only minimal access to education, will also be able listen and understand our narration on First Response.

Pilot Study

The pilot study of ALERT Cellphone Radio, conducted as a CSR initiative of Ford Motor Company, reaching out the radio to rural communities in Erode, Tiruppur and Virudhunagar districts of Tamilnadu, reveals that that the information disseminated is very useful in saving lives.

Project Takeaways

  • The show strikes a chord with its users due to its interactive narration-based approach
  • Helps build sense of community and service-oriented mindset in listeners
  • The show has been most reliable source of information on First Aid and emergency response in rural communities
  • Villagers discuss about the modules, leading to a snowball effect that draws more listeners
  • Helps them gain confidence to perform First Aid
  • Villagers commend the narrative style of episodes
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On March 16, Thiru. Ma Subramanian, Honourable Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu, launched ALERT Cellphone Radio at the 6th Edition of ALERT Being Awards Ceremony

Note: Currently, our Public Service Announcement about First Response (PSA) is available in Tamil language only.

Even a missed call can save lives. Click here -
9582044666 to hear our Curated Content on Emergency Response!