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Be the difference you wish to see in the world

What's the project all about ?

Translating this spirit into action, an inspired team invites you to join them in making a little difference to the society. Here is an opportunity to convert your good intentions into fruitful action through a project envisioned to create healthcare awareness.

Come join us. Let's make a difference.

Project - ALERT (Amenity Lifeline Emergency Response Team)

Purpose - To create awareness in the Health care space.

Initiated by - a group of volunteers who share the same passion and dream.

Come join us. Let's make a difference


You are here because you do not want to be part of the thousands of helpless bystanders when an emergency occurs and we truly appreciate you for that. Now, let us move further with you taking further steps to join the movement, mainstream.

What can YOU do?

You simply have to take the first step to join us to become an ALERT Being.

An ALERT Being is a certified volunteer, who has undergone the comprehensive training program on first aid and Emergency management. An ALERT Being will be equipped to provide pre-hospital care and act as an agent to expedite the arrival of timely professional help.

Why do we need YOU?

The answer is simple and straight – A safer society needs you!

You are the ripple that will take the message of ALERT to shores that you hit. Every human being is endangered by various types of emergencies. We look to spirited people like you to be the beacon of well-being to avoid losing more lives.

Why should YOU join us?

You have an opportunity to join a mission, which is first of its kind in India. You get to directly solve the problem of lack of proper emergency care in our society by being part of the solution.

What will YOU get to do?

A plethora of things like getting trained, becoming a first responder, managing content in website or e-magazine, social marketing, database management, volunteer engagement, events management and many more things until we see a society that cares for itself.

All you have to spare for this noble cause is a small share of your time. It could be as minimum as a few hours per week.

It costs you nothing, but the satisfaction and the happiness gained has no bounds.

Want to become an ALERT Being? Click here

Alternately, you can write to: [email protected]