ALERT is a voluntary Non-Profit Non-Government organization

ALERT believes in the goodness and generosity of people, whether individuals or organizations, which is at the very foundation of the cause of saving lives. ALERT’s aim of reaching out to the masses for generating awareness is a self-inspiring process with people who want to really see a change in the way emergency care gets delivered in India. While India is being known as one of the best destinations for advance tertiary care, ALERT’s focus is to make availability of basic life support, a household affair. Apart from leveraging on technology, this is possible only through bringing about a mindset change that influences behavior.

The most valuable resource needed to bring about this social change is “people” and their time. If you can spare some, please visit our Volunteer section to become a part of this change. The next valuable resource that will give such a cause, the scale it needs is – Funds. You could contribute money in various ways based upon what you want to sponsor.

Sponsorships invited for

ERT Project specific costs

If you are an individual, you could consider your contribution towards the following –

Sponsor a school student to learn first response – INR 500 per student

Sponsor an autorickshaw driver to become a skilled first responder – INR 1000

Sponsor an adult to become a skilled first responder – INR 1500 per individual

Sponsor an awareness workshop (an audience of 50 people) – INR 10,000 per session

Sponsor an event such as street play, flash mob or a road show – INR 20,000 per event.

Sponsor [email protected] (a curriculum specially designed for implementation in schools) – INR 25000

Sponsor Basic First Aid Kits – INR 150 per kit

Sponsor advanced first aid kits – INR 500 per kit

Sponsor a basic Mannequin – INR 15000 per mannequin

If you are a corporate, you could consider your contribution towards the following –

Become a CSR Partner by sponsoring skill based training programs at ALERT Simulation Lab for Emergency Response Management – INR 6 Lakhs per quarter

Become an Event partner in large scale programmes organized by ALERT.

Sponsor equipment in the simulation lab

High End Rescuci Anne Mannequin – INR 3.5 Lakhs per mannequin

Automated External Defibrillators – INR 1.5 Lakhs per AED

Simpads – INR 1 Lakh per piece

Respiratory Masks – INR 750 per mask

All contributions to ALERT are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.

ALERT is also an approved organization under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) to receive contributions internationally.