• mr-srivathsan

    Mr. Srivathsan

    Srivathsan, the Treasurer of ALERT is an investment banker, in Chennai. During his college days at Sri Sathya Sai University, he was involved in organizing many events and tournaments. Having been actively involved in his father’s at a very young age, he brings with him an entrepreneurial spirit to run

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  • mr-s-vasudevan

    Mr. S. Vasudevan

    Vasudevan has a combined professional experience of over 18 years in HR and management consulting. He is the founder of ‘Leverage’- a leadership excellence firm that helps individuals and businesses, achieve business excellence through leadership excellence. Vasu works closely with business leaders and has coached over 120 professionals, conducted over

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  • ms-nalini-ravindran

    Ms. Nalini Ravindran

    Nalini Ravindran has over a decade of experience in conducting behavioral and attitudinal training workshops for various adult groups, ranging from management personnel, to personnel in the banking, insurance sector, as well as students, teachers and lecturers of various educational institutions. Pursuing her doctorate (Ph.D), Nalini holds an M. Phil

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  • mr-manick-rajendran

    Mr. Manick Rajendran

    With over 27 years of experience variously as entrepreneur and subject matter expert, Manick has worked in India and USA to bring a holistic perspective to business and to nurture and create innovative approaches to healthcare in India. He has served as a Co-Chairman of the Interoperability Tiger Team set

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