Ms. Nalini Ravindran


Nalini Ravindran has over a decade of experience in conducting behavioral and attitudinal training workshops for various adult groups, ranging from management personnel, to personnel in the banking, insurance sector, as well as students, teachers and lecturers of various educational institutions. Pursuing her doctorate (Ph.D), Nalini holds an M. Phil degree in psychology.

She has worked with the Tamil-Nadu Board of Education and also has served as the visiting faculty in Anna University, and in colleges like Stella Maris, M.O.P. Vaishnav College and for MBA courses in private institutions like IIPM, ITM etc. Socially inclined, Nalini has been instrumental in initiating varied societal forums. SAHAJA, an all women training organization, has been founded and is headed by Ms. Nalini Ravindran. Nalini believes that women can transform the society through their commitment and social responsibility. She has also started a women’s forum “Lawanya” in her locality. The forum currently focuses on civic and safety issues of the locality. As an offshoot, a children’s club has been started by her.