Training Programs

ALERT’s training programs are exclusively designed to meet the needs of a lay person to become a first responder. The programs are holistic in its approach that it addresses social, psychological and other inhibitors in providing first response, apart from just the technical know-how.

P E E R - Personal Empowerment in Emergency Response

Is a programme designed and envisioned by ALERT Simulation Lab for Emergency Response Management. With an aim to offer empowerment to a common man through the training programmes at the lab, the programmes have been titled as PEER, standing for Personal Empowerment in Emergency Response. The programmes incorporate latest international recommendations and weaves them into real life scenarios in an Indian context, thereby giving the learner universal protocols in handling emergencies even while relating to an Indian setting. The PEER programs offered at ALERT are PEER Classic, PEER Basic, PEER Advance and PEER Intense.

PEER Basic
PEER Advance
PEER Intense

Peer Basic

PEER – Basic is a programme designed to impart fundamental concepts of emergency response with adequate practice of skill.

The objective of this programme is to provide the skills that are fundamentally required for an individual to render basic life support that can sustain life in case of an emergency.


Defining basic terms of Emergency Care.

Inhibitions to render assistance in an Indian context - Recent amendments to Indian Law.

Chain of Survival – Universal Protocol.

Basic Life Support – Theory and Hands on.

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) – Traditional – Theory and Hands on.

Recovery Position – Theory and Hands on.

Common Medical Emergencies – Bleeding, Choking and Fracture (Demonstration Only).

Peer Advance

PEER – Advance is a programme designed to use advanced laerdal link technology to assist in effective mastering of skills required. The programme also incorporates AED Readiness.

The Objective of this programme is to build over PEER Basic by focusing on mastering the skills learnt through effective reportable scoring systems. High end technology such as Laerdal Link Technology will be used for assessments and reporting of CPR skills of the participants.


PEER – Basic +.

Hands on Practice using Laerdal Link Technology for Scoring CPR – Cardiac Compressions and Artificial Respiration.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Readiness – Theory and Hands on.

Peer Intense

PEER – INTENSE is a programme designed to prepare a participant to completely take charge of a scene of incident with intense skill inputs with regards to techniques and non-technical aspects of expected behavior of incident command.

Along with internationally recommended techniques that a participant would be exposed to, there would also be effective use of mock scenarios simulated to provide a near real life like effect that would influence behavior. Inputs on Situational Leadership are also included to adequately equip the participant take charge of a scene until professional help arrives.



Common Medical Emergencies

Trauma Emergencies | Cardiac Emergencies | Heat Related Emergencies | Environmental Emergencies

Inputs on Situational Leadership

Simulated Mock Scenarios and Debrief