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  • Tragically, a child loses his life after choking on food.

  • In India, we lose 17 lives a minute to medical emergencies.

  • Doctors say 75% could have been saved if the first response was available at the earliest until professional help arrives.


alert VoICE (Volunteer In Case Of Emergency) is a first of its kind initiative in India to bring about a revolution in the way emergency care gets delivered in our society. Driven by community participation and enabled by mobile technology, it will bridge the much-needed gap between the occurrence of an emergency and the arrival of professional help, whether on the road, home, workplace, or public places.

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Bystander to support the victim

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VoICE to handle the emergency

Certification by ALERT & Apollo Hospitals

Program includes the following

Registration Fee. INR 1999/- (Limited period offer)

*As a NGO, we spend close to INR 3500/- to generate a fully certified responder to place on the network. The journey includes intensive training on first aid and ERM (Emergency Response Management) that is holistic to address medical, technical, psychological and leadership needs; a comprehensive first aid kit, a first responder reflector jacket for use in public, a joint certificate from ALERT and Apollo Hospitals and a Flashcard. With the intention to engage you as a partner to the change, ALERT is offering the programme at INR 1999/- as a limited period offer.

About Trainer

Mr. Karthik Venkatesan, the senior-most member of ALERT, has been associated with the organisation for more than 13 years. He is currently the Principal Trainer at ALERT.

As on date, Karthik’s message has touched more than 35,000 people traversing across 300 workshops with more than 200 in Schools & Colleges alone. In addition to that, he has spearheaded more than 50 Intense 2-day workshops and churned out more than 500 skilled first responders to act during a medical emergency. To widen the reach and in the quest to Empower one in every family, he has developed more than 40 Volunteer trainers to date.

He has starred in many Youtube videos including the recent “Hands up to Help!” Series by Murugappa Group, which has reached almost a million people.

He was conferred the Model Citizen Award 2017 by DtNext Magazine, Best First Response Trainer Award 2019 from Rural Education Department Trust, and many more.

He continues to seamlessly work for the mission given by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to ALERT, “Train One in Every Family in Emergency Care.

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VoICE Registration

alert VoICE - Stories

alert VoICEs (Volunteer In Case Of Emergency) shared their real life stories.

After a 10k run at the Marina, Chandru and I stopped by at the Vivekananda coffee house opposite Woodlands. As I was standing there sipping my coffee, I heard a
I was early to my class one day; I was sitting alone when suddenly few of my classmates entered into the classroom in an odd manner. I saw that one
I came across a situation today at the beach road past the Ice House. I noticed a bike lying down on the road and heard a person moaning with pain.
Today my friends and I were travelling back home after volunteering. Everyone was rushing into their home as it was starting to rain. I saw a crowd at a distance.