Women Initiatives

Women Initiatives

At ALERT we believe every life is equally precious. To promote the participation of women in case of saving lives, we have started initiatives like WoW & #SHEneedsCPR


WOW - Women Only Workshop on Emergency Response is an ALERT initiative for women to promote Emergency Response Awareness and Preparedness among women.

  • alert-sundays-first-aid-workshop
    • February 23, 2020
    • 10:00 To 12:00

    ALERT Sundays – First aid Workshop

    17 lives lost every minute in our country, to medical emergencies & over 75% of the victims could have been saved by providing proper first response. Learn before the need arises, act before it is too late! Get trained in emergency response, if not for others at least for you and...

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Research has shown that women are less likely to receive CPR than men – due to the cultural taboos & gender prejudice prevailing in society. More so in India.

While our nation boasts of rich culture and calls our own country as Motherland, and where every woman is supposed to be treated as a mother or sister or a girl child, why do we let our inhibitions and attitude stop us from saving their lives?

Don’t we want all women in our family to render & receive First Response? God forbid, If our wife, sister, mother, daughter or a friend were in an emergency wouldn’t we want a Good Samaritan, be it a man or a woman to render CPR , if it can save their lives! After all, doesn’t she deserve to live for all our sakes?

Our beloved visionary Dr. Abdul Kalam gave us a goal- “To train one in every family on emergency care”. Can we do our bit in making his dream come true?

Let’s pledge to never walk away from a victim, be it a man or woman without providing First Response.

Woman is the pillar of every family, she needs to live, and if she needs CPR to save her , we need to tell ourselves that gender doesn’t play a role here at all!

That’s why We ALERTians started #SHEneedsCPR campaign!

Let’s not wait for miracles to happen, let’s make them!

Let’s celebrate womanhood, let’s celebrate life!

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