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When a medical emergency strikes, every human being struggles to keep oneself alive. And even if they may not say out loud, they desperately need some celestial angel to rescue their life and thereby, put out their misery. That victim could be you. That second-chance-bestowing angel could also be you.
For this purpose, ALERT aims to transform people into warrior agents of change who possess steel-hearts of soldiers to rescue human beings in the Golden hour of life and death. The ALERT Golden Army Chapters, installed in various cities, function as a clan, club and a house for members to hone the art of First Response for themselves as well as to raise awareness about the same across the world.

Why should you join in ALERT Golden Army

Along with the support of institutions and organizations, ALERT Golden Army hyper-focuses at building socially responsible chapter members who shall be armed with the pristine knowledge and application of First Response for life forever. There is a need for a first-responder in every community, at every colony, in every household, in fact, everywhere. There is a need for us to step forward and perform First Aid accurately in case of an emergency. For this purpose, our dedicated chapter members wear the hats of Trainers, Campaigners, Innovators, and First Responders (based on their volunteering preferences) to socially sensitize the widespread people of the urban and rural setting on First Aid.

Golden Army Membership Benefits


The spirit of community volunteerism


medical knowledge and enhancement of a life skill


are awarded to recognize and align members’ campaign (and activities) efforts with their personal/academic/career goals

Contributors of Society

Members become optimistic, agile Good Samaritans to serve people not only in India but also wherever they travel globally

Perfection On Duty

By internalizing the importance of one’s own life, members strive excellence at volunteering work and hold out their badges of First-Response with pride.


Members become that ‘one medically-trained person’ in their respective families in correspondence with ALERT’s goal envisaged by Late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

Institutions On-Board


Awareness Campaigns & Events


Chapter Members

Institutions on board