4Ps of First Aid – Amenity Lifeline Emergency Response Team

4Ps of First Aid

How often do you come across someone who is hurt or is injured? As humans, we are prone to injury, which often happens when we are not so mindful of things. In times like these, first aid comes to the rescue. First aid is immediate emergency care given to an injured person to prevent any further aggravation of the injury. In some cases, it can also help the injured stay alive.

First aid can be very helpful to save someone’s life in times of emergencies. To be a good first aider, you should be able to understand the nuances of first aid before giving it to someone. She/he should be able to assess the injury or the situation before giving any first aid treatment.

As a first responder, you are welcome to make medical decisions based on the injury but you also must promote the learning of first aid. First aid is given to prevent any further aggravation of an injury for the injured. Here are the 4Ps of first aid to note and abide by:

Preserve Life

The very first principle of first aid is to preserve life. As a first respondent, your aim should be to follow CAB. While before it was ABC for CPR, it is now changed to CAB which means, compression first, clearing the airway, and rescue breaths. According to American Heart Association, in CPR, chest compressions should be done as the first step in CPR at a rate of at least 100 per minute. It is followed by using other first-aid methods to do the next two steps. If done the right way it could also save the person from fatality

Prevent Injury

The next responsibility of the bystander is to make sure the injured person is in a better and comfortable position than before and that she/he is not prone to any further injury or deterioration of the condition. This can be making sure the person is comfortable seated or laid down and applying the right first aid techniques.

Protect the Victim

As a first respondent, your primary goal is to protect the victim. It could be anything from becoming unconscious or getting a panic attack. Some injuries are mild while others serve and can instill fear in the injured. You must stay put, keep calm and do the right first aid treatment to make sure the person is given all necessary care. Be on your toes to reach out to the right medical help if you are unable to proceed further with any first aid.

Promote Recovery

One of the most important and basic aims of a first aider should be to instill confidence in the injured. The first responder should make sure the injured is attempting to cope with the injury and should also attempt to relieve pain. It also means doing the right first aid that will relieve the injured of the pain or giving them the treatment that will help them recover from the injury to an extent.

First respondents are very important in an event of emergency and accident. Though there are many responsibilities for a first aider, it is always important that they remember these 4Ps as well. These will help to understand how to deal with an injury.