Internship – Amenity Lifeline Emergency Response Team

Internships @ ALERT

Internships are an integral part of our Volunteer engagement. ALERT provides an ample opportunity for interns to take up measurable projects in the emergency response management space that encompasses a wide range of areas spanning from research work to building operational efficiencies in social welfare. Being a process driven organization, interns are also welcome to take up administrative assignment as the need may be. Our interns come from diverse professional and educational backgrounds, and are seen as integral contributors to the cause of saving lives.

The underlying assumption in all our partnerships with interns is that the experience with ALERT will enable them to continue to participate in the betterment of emergency response management in our society well beyond the course of internship. In that sense, the internship is recognized as a beginning of a much longer relationship between ALERT and the intern, as well as the institution they represent.

How to Apply

The interns get a chance to explore, know and contribute in important mainstream work of the organization ranging from public mobilization, fact finding researches, field exposures and documentation, pilot run project ideas, team playing,organizing events, media advocacy skills and many more.

The options mentioned are not exhaustive and can be various; there is scope for innovation and experimentation with novel ideas.

Internships are Open for students who are studying in India as well as abroad.

Intern Testimonials