A Program designed specifically for School Students and Teachers


The Indian primary and secondary school education system is considered a benchmark when compared to school education in any other part of the world. Schools in India today do not stop there and are constantly upgrading to provide the best-in-class so that students can get exposed to multi-dimensional knowledge areas with an equal importance to extra-curricular skills. In such an environment, prima facie, it’s also a known fact that there is a surge in the number of reported incidents where children are prone to medical emergencies in schools. Training in basic life support and basic first aid skills are part of regular curriculum in countries such as the US and the UK. It is time that schools in India started addressing this situation in a holistic manner so that overall preparedness levels can be increased in handling such situations in schools. The teacher’s fraternity needs to be empowered to play a key role in becoming the vehicles carrying this knowledge as they are primarily responsible for student welfare in a school environment.

ALERT @ SCHOOL is a program designed specifically for school students and teachers. ALERT has taken this initiative as ALERT believes that basic concepts of emergency care should be taught to the young minds that could stay with them for life. Through this programme, ALERT would empower teachers and through them train the students in Golden Hour Care and Emergency Response. The curriculum has been designed to impart the knowledge through a regular classroom period dedicated for the same spread across the academic year.


Following are the objectives of the ALERT @ SCHOOL Programme

  • To generate certified teacher trainers internally so that they are empowered to train the students and also act as mentors to the student team.
  • To generate a batch of students trained in basic life support through the teacher trainers.
  • To assist the afore-said objectives by logical interventions for successful delivery and completion of the ALERT @ SCHOOL programme in the identified school.

The ALERT @ SCHOOL would be a three-step process called out as follows

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