alert VoICE – Chandrasekar


alert VoICE – Chandrasekar

Today Morning, I attended an emergency near Chennai rail museum signal, New Avadi Road. My mother and I were on our way home after completing our morning run. As we were approaching the signal, I saw a crowd gathered in front of sumo, which was a bit ahead of us. I noticed that a lady had been hit by the sumo. Apparently, she had fallen from her cycle and had hit the back of her head on the road.

I stopped my car, by the side of the road, got down and rushed to the accident spot. After I checked that the scene was safe, I informed the crowd that I was the first responder and showed them my Alert VoICE ID card. As I examined her, I noticed that she had a swelling in the back of her head and a swelling near her left ankle with a minor deep cut wound there. More than 3 people were trying to lift her up to shift her to a safer spot. Her husband was also present there. I stopped them, I told only her husband to help me lift her to a safe spot. I got some frozen ice water packets from a nearby milk shop. I told her husband to place the frozen ice packet on her head and other parts of the swelling to reduce it, I tied the wound on her ankle, with a clean handkerchief to stop the bleeding. Not waiting for an ambulance, I stopped an auto. I along with her husband shifted her into the auto and told the auto driver to take us to the nearby Government Hospital. After making sure she was in safe hands, I left the spot. Thank you, team Alert, for the first aid sessions and workshops, it is because of that I was able to save a life.

By Chandrasekar

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