alert VoICE – Mohamed Rizwan


alert VoICE – Mohamed Rizwan

Today afternoon near Sholinganallur fish market signal, there had been a bike accident. A man-aged about 40 years old was severely injured, as he had hit his head on the divider.

He was not wearing a helmet, and apparently also speeding. He was bleeding profusely from his head. I was passing that way and this accident took place In front of my eyes. I immediately parked my bike by the side of the road and rushed to help the victim. I checked for scene safety, ensuring the scene was safe.

I checked for his pulse and found it to be too low as the victim had already lost a lot of blood. I put the victim in the recovery position. An ambulance was already called. I helped to get the victim into the ambulance and accompanied him to the hospital. I am thankful to Team Alert for their training, for empowering me to be of help during an emergency situation.

By Mohamed Rizwan

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