alert VoICE – Prakash


alert VoICE – Prakash

Today near Vadapalani I came across an accident. Looked like it had happened about 10 minutes before my arrival. I checked for scene safety and went to the spot. A policeman was already present since the accident took place minutes before my arrival. He took a snap of the victim. Apparently, a bus had hit the victim who was crossing the road. I wanted to give first aid to the victim, but I was stopped by the policeman, I explained to him that I was a certified first responder and I had to help the victim and give the victim emergency first aid. I checked the vitals of the victim; his pulse was low and he was not in a proper state. With the help of a few people from the crowd, we carried the victim and laid him down on the footpath.

I checked for the victim’s pulse again, but this time there was no pulse. So, I began performing CPR. I confirmed the arrival of the ambulance and continued the CPR. The victim was badly injured in his head, chances of survival seemed low, but I dint give up. The ambulance had arrived and I had explained to the ambulance staff what I had done so far. On the spot they checked the retina of the victim, it was dry. They had proclaimed the victim was already dead. I was unable to save the victim. This incident taught me the value of time lost.

By Prakash

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