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alert VoICE – Risivats

Incident Information

VoICE Name()- Risivats

VoICE ID() - ALTN000147RR/2019

Incident Handled On () - 15-01-2019

Location ()- Chennai

My mother asked me to buy some sugarcane in the morning because it was the festival of Pongal. Lazy and sad-faced, I went out to buy the sugarcanes. While walking to the nearby shop, I came across an accident.

A girl along with her brother, had crashed onto the barricade due to brake failure in their scooter. The boy who was riding without a helmet had abrasions on his cheeks and hands, and he had 2 of his teeth broken. His sister had fainted. A question popped up in my mind, whether I could help them or not as I am still not a certified First responder. But my mind said if I didn’t help, I would feel guilty and would regret it forever. No one was there beside her brother and myself, so I decided to help.

The girl was not responding to her brother as she was still unconscious. I immediately started looking for essential vitals like a pulse (present) and if she was breathing properly. I asked her brother to call the ambulance immediately, thankfully knowing the pattern of his sister’s mobile phone he was able to call for the ambulance. Since I wasn’t carrying my phone at that time. The crowd surrounded me in no time and immediately assumed that I was the one who had caused the accident. The girl’s brother explained the scene to them and saved me from the public rage.

I put the girl in the recovery position, after a while, she was able to breathe and she was responding to her brother and was conscious. I gave the girl water to drink and thankfully she was feeling better. Her brother hugged me and thanked me. I managed to do some basic first aid. She thanked me personally as I prepared to leave the scene. Thanks to alert for preparing me for these emergency scenarios.

By Risivats