alert VoICE – Santhosh Shankar – Amenity Lifeline Emergency Response Team

alert VoICE – Santhosh Shankar

Incident Information

VoICE Name()- Santhosh Shankar

VoICE ID() - ALTN00037SS/2018

Incident Handled On () - 09-04-2019

Location ()- AMET University, ECR

I came across a situation today at the beach road past the Ice House. I noticed a bike lying down on the road and heard a person moaning with pain. After parking my bike near the footpath, a few of the passers-by and I stopped the oncoming traffic and moved the fallen bike away from the road. As I approached nearer, I saw two victims. One of the victim was lying down and writhing with pain. His top skin near the calf muscle had peeled off and the layer beneath was exposed. The other victim was limping around and swearing frivolously in Tamil. I asked him if he was ok and he said he was and appreciated the help and asked me to move away. After which, he approached the person lying down and pulled him up to walk.

In the meantime, I also had instructed my friend to call the ambulance (24*7 ambulance service available inside our university campus). When the ambulance arrived, I introduced myself as a certified First responder and explained what happened (in brief) in the classroom. He was then taken to the nearest hospital. I am happy that I was able to remember what to do in such emergency situations, all thanks to Team Alert.

By Santhosh Shankar