alert VoICE – Santhosh Shankar – Amenity Lifeline Emergency Response Team

alert VoICE – Santhosh Shankar

Incident Information

VoICE Name()- Santhosh Shankar

VoICE ID() - ALTN00037SS/2018

Incident Handled On () - 24-08-2018

Location ()- Alleppy,Kerala

On the 24th August I was travelling from Alleppey boat jetty to Changanassery in Kerala. I went there for psychosocial care work and flood relief work. I was walking with my sister to the nearby bus stop. Suddenly a bus hit a two-wheeler while taking a left turn. The two-wheeler was standing near the roadside and was crushed by the back tyre. Luckily nothing happened to anybody. The Victims of the accident were a lady, and her son and daughter. Nothing happened to their children. Keeping all my belongings safely aside, I informed my sister to take care of my things.

Checking the scene safety, I lifted the lady because she was unable to get up and walk. Then I took her to a safer area to examine her. The accident happened opposite the police station. Hence, there was a policeman present at the scene, they started to enquire about me and I was surrounded by a few other onlookers. I was travelling with my first aid kit bag therefore I took my Alert Voice ID card and informed them that I was a trained first responder. My sister helped translate everything to them in Malayalam. Within a second, I got permission to examine the victim. Though she was almost okay I advised her to visit a hospital for further check-up. Then the policemen helped call an auto and all of them were sent to a nearby hospital.

Thanks to my sister who helped me throughout the situation. I did not panic even though I don’t know the language. I simply remembered the Good Samaritan law and helped my fellow people in need.

Please learn some basic life support techniques.

I have been trained by Team ALERT (NGO)-

Thank you to team #Alert and my trainer Karthick.

By Santhosh Shankar