alert VoICE – Santhosh Shankar – Amenity Lifeline Emergency Response Team

alert VoICE – Santhosh Shankar

Incident Information

VoICE Name()- Santhosh Shankar

VoICE ID() - ALTN00037SS/2018

Incident Handled On () - 20-11-2018

Location ()- Chennai, Tamilnadu

Today my friends and I were travelling back home after volunteering. Everyone was rushing into their home as it was starting to rain. I saw a crowd at a distance. We went closer to have a look and there saw an old man sitting on the chair, and he was bleeding. Two school-going boys were caught by the crowd, the boys were being scolded and beaten by the crowd. I stepped forward and introduced myself as an Alert volunteer and showed them my first responder ID card. I instructed them not to beat the boys anymore and told them to call their parents to the spot and told the people of the crowd to take away their bike keys. Luckily the boys were not injured. I then turned to attend to the victim. He seemed to be in a panic, so I calmed him and got on to clearing the crowd so that the victim could get some fresh air to breathe. As per the ALERT VoICE Basic life support protocol, the scene was safe. So, I thoroughly analysed the victim and found him to be fine, but for his severe pain due to the injury in his leg, which was also bleeding profusely.

I opened my First aid kid and wore my gloves. I removed his slippers which were covered with blood and I began cleaning his wound with the help of alcohol wipes. I took the antiseptic solution from my kit and cleaned the wound to stop the bleeding, I then applied powder in the bleeding area and also applied some in all the areas where he had abrasions. After doing the necessary first aid I instructed the victim to visit the nearest hospital. Meanwhile, someone from the crowd called one of the victims relative.

I instructed another person from the crowd to give him some water. Within five minutes the victim’s grandson came to the spot, I then advised him to take his grandfather to the nearest hospital. I then went back to those 2 boys and started a conversation with them. They were also in a state of panic and hadn’t realized their mistake. I began inquiring about how the accident happened. The boys confessed that they were not driving properly and they were nearly going to hit an auto but had a narrow escape, in turn, they hit this old man who was walking in the middle of the busy road. Both the boy’s parents came to the spot. I explained to them what had happened and explained the law and the consequences of rash driving and also told them the importance of safety and traffic rules. Since the boys were under the age of 16 and were driving without a license, I also explained to them about the punishments for underage driving without a license. It was a rough day, but I am glad that I acted as a responsible citizen at the right time. Thank you, team Alert, for the training.

By Santhosh Shankar