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What will I learn in a first aid course?

Do you actually know what you will learn in your first aid course? You have probably heard that it is important to train yourself in first aid. Discover how you can truly save a life when you receive training for first aid. CPR is one of the most common skills you learn in a first aid course. But that is not the only thing you get to learn. At home, in public places or the workplace, different types of emergencies could occur. In each of these situations you must understand how to treat and assist individuals – and there lies the key! Common scenarios are covered including burns, shock, bleeding, respiratory emergencies and poisoning.

Emergency Response

Responding to an emergency is one of the most significant things you learn in a first aid course. Even before you bandage the arm or put in a sling, you must know how to respond. In your first aid course, you will be taught what you should look for, and decrease your own harm while approaching the individual for help. There is no lack of helpfulness. People do rush but are generally unaware of what to do before approaching. This information is vital and can save someone’s life including your own.

Cardio Pulomonary Resuscitation(CPR)

Depending on the first aid course you have enrolled in, CPR skills are taught, covering all ages. You will be provided with the right knowledge, skills, experience and given the confidence to save a life.. You will be provided with a certification with hands-on personal training once you have passed the required lessons and accompanying skills. Within CPR – you will be taught to identify a cardiac arrest and understand links in the chain of survival. You will also be given enough knowledge about the quality of high-performance CPR and the ability to assess an unresponsive person. The course also educates you about recovery positions and recognising when an adult, child or infant is choking. You assume the role of a saviour and know why it is important to help. Instructions about standard precautionary and protective barriers are also given.

Wound Care

Under wound care, you will be taught how to address intense burns or what to do if someone has a nail stuck under their foot. The wound, however big or small, has to be treated appropriately. Here, you will learn to bandage wounds, treat burns, bruises and care for other types of wounds. Even simpler skills to be used against bumps and scrapes may be taught.

Enrol with ALERT’s First aid course to apply its knowledge anywhere, and at any given time. Gain skills to feel confident and help empower one another in emergency care.