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7 Common First Aid Myths and Facts

7 Common First Aid Myths & Facts

First-aid is a very common topic that many keep talking about or refer to in their conversations. However, how many of them actually know what exactly is first aid and the various steps in first aid? First aid is an immediate and short-term solution for any accident. Going wrong in this might make things worse or fatal. Here are common first aid myths and facts that everyone should know:

1. Grab some butter for those burns

Many people suggest grabbing a dash of butter to treat a burning wound. This can only lead to complications as the grease from the butter will not help the wound heal. Instead, if you come across a burn, run it under cold water and cover it loosely with a light cotton cloth. If you find the burn blistering, seek medical advice.

2. Heat on your sprain

It is often said to relieve your sprained areas by applying a hot pack on it. While this might give temporary relief, it can cause more swelling. The best thing to do if you sprained your arm, leg, or any other part is to apply a cold pack and seek medical advice to make sure it is not a fracture.

3. Rub your eyes vigorously if you have something in it

Even a small speck in our eyes can make us feel so annoyed that we immediately want to rub it to get it out. However, the inside of your eyes have tender muscles and the eyeball is all the more sensitive. Rubbing roughly with a foreign particle inside can cause damage. Instead, rinse your eyes with regular water and pat dry them to make sure you feel better.

4. Make someone vomit if they have swallowed poison

Many people first advise the person to vomit. However, this can cause more harm. If the poison has a higher concentration of chemicals, it might cause burning in the throat and stomach especially if the person has to vomit to take it out through the system. The best solution would be to read the pack for poison control instructions and rush the victim to the hospital.

5. Suck the venom from a snake bite

This is a very common first aid that many would have heard of. The reality however is totally different. When a snake bites, the venom immediately rushes through the bloodstream. Sucking can only make the injury worse. The best first aid to this is to rush the person to the nearest medical help.

6. Stick a spoon to the person’s mouth if they are experiencing a seizure

Many people often get worried when someone experiences a seizure. Never make the mistake of putting a spoon in their mouth. There is no case that says they might bite and hurt their tongue. Instead, remove any hard objects from around to prevent any other injuries. Also, let the seizure pass and call for medical help.

7. Tilt your head back if you have a nosebleed

This is a very common tip that many are advised to follow. However, this can make things uncomfortable. If you are bleeding from the nose, keep your head at the level and squeeze the nose tip and hold a cloth to absorb the excess bleeding. Pinch the tip and lean forward to not accidentally take in some blood that might end up making you feel nauseated.

Now that you know how to break these common myths, the next time you find someone advising these, correct them with proper reasoning. Be a Good Samaritan!

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