alert VoICE – Manojkumar – Amenity Lifeline Emergency Response Team

alert VoICE – Manojkumar

Incident Information

VoICE Name()- Manojkumar

VoICE ID() - ALTN000119MK/2018

Incident Handled On () - 29-12-2018

Location ()- Karapakkam,Chennai

I had just then attended a First responder’s training at ALERT an hour ago, and I had come back home for lunch. All of a sudden, I heard a loud sound. I left my food halfway and rushed out of my house to check what had happened. I saw two two-wheelers had crashed at a road junction. An old man between the age of fifty to sixty years had fallen down and was unconscious, while the other two men had got up and seemed to be fine.

The old man was unconscious and a few people from the crowd were trying to make him sit. I stopped them from doing so. I asked a bystander from the crowd to call for the ambulance, but unfortunately, no one came forward, so I called for the ambulance but there was no response on the other end. I called them the second time and got through, I gave them the information and location of the accident.

After checking for scene safety, I checked for the victim’s response vitals. His vitals were there but he was unconscious, so I put him in the recovery position and attended to him until the ambulance arrived. Soon the ambulance arrived and they took the victim to the hospital.

By Manojkumar