alert VoICE – Sathyenthar – Amenity Lifeline Emergency Response Team

alert VoICE – Sathyenthar

Incident Information

VoICE Name()- Sathyenthar

VoICE ID() - ALTN00063SR/2018

Incident Handled On () - 04-08-2018

Location ()- Ashok Nagar,Chennai, Tamilnadu

I was on my way to my friend’s house, when I saw a man lying on the road. There were a lot of people surrounding him, so I went there and asked a person from the crowd what had happened to him, they told me that he had collapsed and started having fits. I again questioned them asking “what was the duration of the fits “? to which they replied that it was for around two to four minutes. They told me that they had already called for the ambulance. A few people from the crowd were trying to put something in the victim’s mouth to stop the fits. I told them not to touch the victim at all. I then introduced myself as a first responder and showed them my VoICE ID card, only then they let me handle the situation. It was easy for me to handle the situation as I was assisted by another man who happened to be a child pediatric doctor. We lifted the victim and placed him on the footpath, I put him in the recovery position and I wiped the saliva coming out from his mouth with my hands.

He then seemed to have vomited a mixture of blood and saliva. Having wiped that too from his mouth, I made sure to remove any object or thing around him which could harm him during his fits. After some time he recovered and was able to speak. He told us that his house was around 5 kilometers from the incident spot. He gave us his wife’s number, a person from the crowd called and informed his wife about the incident. After some time the ambulance and some of his family members arrived at the spot and they took him to the hospital. Thanks to the doctor who assisted and helped me cater to the victim. It is only because of Alert, I was able to handle a common medical emergency like this in the future.

By Sathyenthar