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CPR makes a big difference in this new normal

When a person’s heart unexpectedly stops beating, it means that he/she is having a sudden cardiac arrest. Individual chances of survival are enhanced with the use of CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. During these vulnerable times, there is a concern that a first responder providing CPR, or first aid services, might contract COVID-19. First Responders and First Aid Providers are likely to be friends or family if a vast majority of cardiac arrests are in a home setting.

Experts at ALERT, recommend some tips to reduce the first responder’s risk of getting the virus when providing CPR to another person, during a cardiac arrest. A modification of the original first aid services, the hands-only CPR, can be used to ensure the limited risk of getting infected – this for both children and adults.

Administring CPR during COVID19

  1. When the person doesn’t respond when you try to tap the shoulder them or shout their name
  2. Immediately call 108 ambulance
  3. Cover your's and victim face and mouth with a FACE MASK or cloth then bring your ear or cheek near the person’s mouth to listen or feel the breathing
  4. Immediatly start doing hands-only CPR, push hard and fast at the centre of the person’s chest with the palm of one hand placed over the other. Compress and release for about 100 or 120 beats per minute. Do not stop until the ambulance arrives.

Hygiene after attempting resuscitation

Safely dispose of the cloth, towel or clothing that you have used to cover the individual’s face after the ambulance or first responders have taken over the situation. Then use an alcohol-based gel to cleanse or wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap. Especially if you are a responder, you must ensure that you possess these items in your first aid kit.

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