Mr. Humesh Dayalam – Amenity Lifeline Emergency Response Team

Mr. Humesh Dayalam

Incident Information

VoICE Name()- Mr. Humesh Dayalam

VoICE ID() - ALTN000106FB/2023

Incident Handled On () - 01-02-2023

Date Of Issue() - 02/08/2022

I was on my way in cab to office in the morning of February 1, when I came across an accident. In the remote roadway of Chik Thirupati, Malur road, Karnataka, two boys, both not older than 25 years, had met with a bike accident from driving rashly. I stopped my cab, and went to inspect the victim’s condition. Many onlookers gathered, but no one had called the ambulance. When I noticed that few people were about to give water to the victims, I immediately stopped them. Only one victim was breathing, but he was semi-conscious and couldn’t give back proper response. Though, I didn’t have a first-aid kit, I made the scene safe. My office employees phoned the ambulance and they came to know that it would arrive in an hour.

Even after I asked many times, nobody was ready to give a piece of cloth to arrest bleeding. Finally, my cab driver brought a new cloth for me, and I rendered first-aid. It wasn’t sufficient and after sometime one of the victims’ phones rang. I immediately attended the call and asked the person to come there. At the same time, I was arranging a vehicle that could carry the victim to hospital. Without proper support, the victim got into the car. The friend arrived at the scene in a few minutes and I sent him off in the car to hospital. Though it was challenging for me, I am happy that I was able to give first-aid assistance, that I learned at ALERT, to the save accident victims.

I started to console her by saying everything is fine and she will be taken to hospital once ambulance arrives. She got injured near by eye and nose and it was bleeding. She didn't have mobile and said she is from Chemmenchery and came for a house hold work and repeatedly told to inform them about the situation. Then I found a small dairy in which few phone numbers were noted. I called the numbers one by one and got connected to her sister and I explained the situation. Meanwhile ambulance arrived and I gave the mobile number of her sister to the ambulance technical staff and I was informed that they will take her to Royapettah Government hospital. Later when I enquired with the crowd, I was told that when she tried to cross the road, she was hot by an auto and it went off without stopping.

Even though there are many pedestrian Flyovers in and around OMR, the public doesnt use it and end up in such accidents. I would strongly recommend public to use Pedestrian flyovers to be safe and not end up in accidents like this.

By A Syed Aasif