alert VoICE – S. Thejasree, VoICE Graduate – Amenity Lifeline Emergency Response Team

alert VoICE – S. Thejasree, VoICE Graduate

Incident Information

VoICE Name()- S. Thejasree, VoICE Graduate

VoICE ID() - ALTN000986TS/2023

Date Of Issue() - 27/10/2023

The first accident case, I attended, was a girl who had fainted and had gone unconscious. After I got near the victim in college, I checked for her response. When she didn’t respond to me, I proceeded to check her vitals. The vitals were normal so I put her in the Recovery Position. About 20 minutes later, she regained consciousness, felt normal and spoke with me. I asked her whether everything was okay with her and whether she was feeling better. She felt really better and then I went to my class.

The second accident case I handled was another girl who had once again fainted. I checked through all the procedures and followed by it. I checked for the response; she didn’t respond but the vitals were (CAB) was normal. So, I put her in recovery position. But, even after one hour she didn’t gain consciousness, and her parent came and took her to the nearby hospital. After that she was okay. She later informed that she had some problem related to the nerves and that was why she couldn’t gain consciousness even after one hour. Later that day, she became alright.

The third accident case I handled happened to a boy who got hurt by accidently hitting himself against the and he started bleeding. I went and asked whether he was alright or if he had any giddiness. The bleeding continued and my teachers wiped all the blood and treated the wound with an antiseptic. These are the cases I have handled as a first responder in case of medical emergencies in my college.