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Impactful Volunteering

Our volunteer profiles and the volunteering programme is designed in a way that volunteering is fun as well as impactful. We want our volunteers to better the world around them as well as their inner world. Every volunteer profile has immense scope for self-development and significantly contributes to the goal given by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam : “Train one in every family in emergency care”

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Volunteer Profiles


Events / Sensitisation

Spread the cause of Saving Lives - To open up the minds of a common man through events and sensitisation campaigns and instil the need for getting trained in Emergency Response.


Awareness Workshops

Empower a common man - To organise, coordinate and conduct awareness workshops for varied audiences like students, homemakers, auto / cab drivers, general public, etc and empower them to act during an emergency and save lives.


alert VoICE : Volunteers In Case of Emergency

Superheroes of the nation - To create alert VoICEs who will be community first responders for the city, develop the alert VoICE network and engage & further the capacity of alert VoICEs.


Creativity meets the cause

Add colours and music to the cause of Saving Lives by creating inspiring articles, posters, videos, photos, banners, et. al and spreading them across various channels and support AWAKE, AWARE & ACT.


Every penny helps in saving lives

To nurture sponsorships, partnerships and donor relations to sustain and spread the cause of saving lives. Every action needs resources and pumping the fuel to the system makes FUNDRAISE the nervous system of AWAKE, AWARE & ACT.

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