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Why Is First Aid Necessary for Schools in India?

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Every life counts

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. It was only a couple of years ago in 2019 when a toddler in a playschool in Washermenpet, died of choking while eating. If only the teachers were aware of basic first-aid, they could have saved the child. He was however declared dead to the hospital. These events are small yet tragic.

Every life matters no matter the age. Be it a child, a middle-aged person, or a senior citizen, irrespective of the profession, needs a helping hand in case of emergencies. In India alone, close to 150,000 people succumb to accidents every year. While road accidents are one side of the coin, accidents happening in schools, or while consuming food, while playing, even with some underlying health issue, all matter.

We often come across news articles that talk about school kids losing their lives in unexpected events. This could be because of anything. Some of them may be getting hurt while playing or during heavy sports or an underlying health issue that the teachers are not informed about. In times like these, first aid comes very handy. There have been times when basic first aid has saved people from fatal accidents.

Basic First Aid in School

Those who look after basic first aid in school need to be trained in multiple first aids. Heimlich manoeuvre, for example, is a first aid method where any obstruction in the windpipe is cleared by giving strong pressure in the abdomen. These basic first aid procedures can help save lives, especially in school, where kids are prone to simple yet fatal accidents.

First-aid is not only necessary for the caretakers in the schools to learn but also should be an essential part of students’ education in school. Unfortunately, even the necessary school representatives are not equipped to know basic first aid in India, let alone be kids. Many kids don’t even know what is present in a basic first-aid kit.

It is said that in the vent of an injury, the first ten minutes are extremely crucial. In most cases, the person’s life is based on the kind of first-aid she/he is given. Therefore, a fair amount of training in first-aid can help people save lives. This also includes teachers and other representatives in a school as well.

Importance of First-Aid Training in Schools

There are many NGOs in Chennai that cater to training people in basic first aid. Alert NGO is one such NGO that has been constantly and tirelessly working towards educating and preparing people to know the basic first aid that could save thousands of lives. The aim is to make people not be bystanders in the event of an accident but be the hero in saving them. Students spend most of their time in school, and it is the responsibility of the school management to look after all the students in those hours they spend there. Here’s why first aid in school is very important:

Creates a sense of safety -

When awareness is created on first aid, it is taught with the procedures for various events of accidents. This will help children be aware of the possibilities of such accidents, and they will tend to be more careful. Including them as a part of the learning curriculum is also a great way to make them understand how timely and helpful is first aid.

Quick aid -

Not all injuries require professional help immediately. But there are some instances where the injury needs proper medical assistance without which it can turn fatal. In such cases, a quick first aid procedure can help the victim stay strong a little more while they are rushed to the nearest medical help. Teaching children and the management basic first aid can be equipped to treat anyone in pain.

Cures the worst -

Some injuries, when not tended to immediately, can cause fatal infections. By giving basic first aid, one can prevent this from happening.

Children studying in school belong to a very tender age, and every effort must be taken to keep them safe in case of emergencies. Alert NGO’s Alert@School is a program specially designed for school kids and teachers to enlighten them about first aid and the basics of it. It is aimed to give the best education for school children about first aid and its importance.